Research and development

  • Systems and requirements analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Development of Information management systems architecture in operative scenarios
  • R&D in fluid dynamics, controls and simulation-visualization systems
  • R&D in biomedical fields
  • 3D Mechanical and Electronic Drawing
  • Hardware Design
  • PCB design and routing
  • Drafting of products Technical Manuals
  • Robotics
  • PL integration
  • Servos controls
  • Industrial Automation Instrumentation
  • Test & Evaluation Equipments
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Miniaturized Telemetry
  • Radio frequency equipment
  • Control Panels
  • Inverters and UPS Battery Charger
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Celin s.r.l. carries out feasibility studies, system and requirements analysis and simulations in the fields of mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, electric and hydraulic servos in continuous and discrete systems taking advantage of the most recent IT supports.

Celin s.r.l. is specialized in the development of microprocessor and microcontroller based devices and in the integration of programmable logics.
Celin design and manufacturing activities are more broadly focused on controls, servos, industrial automation, programmable logics, medical devices, test benches, interfaces, data acquisition systems, remote controls, measuring and control systems of physical quantities.



Celin proposes itself as a specialist in microprocessor, microcontroller, and transputer devices, and in integration with programmable logic. Celin designs controls, interlocking, industrial automation, logic, medical equipment, test equipment, interfaces, data acquisition systems, remote controls, measurement and control systems for physical quantities.

RF Apparatuses

Avionics Systems

Test and Evaluation Equipmets

Naval Apparatuses

Bridge Consoles

3D Mechanical Drawings


Design and Routing of Printed Circuit Boards

Study and development in the medical field


Data acquisition systems

Command and control systems

Industrial automation tools